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Our Features

  • FREE Push Notification Alerts/Messages!!

    Messages can be pushed as FREE instant push notification messages which can be immediate or scheduled for later. Use it for news, events, newsletter posts, last minute changes or cancellations, etc. Plus you can categorise the push alerts to target years, classes, subjects, sports teams, drama classes, etc. Users who do not have a smartphone are also included and can also subscribe to SMS or email.

  • Unlimited Students from Unlimited Schools

    Parents in the Schoolwiki community have access to any number of THEIR children across any number of school and connect THEIR childrens specific classes to receive news and updates pertaining only to them.

  • Automated ongoing reminders

    Parents and students receive daily reminders at 5pm of all upcoming events, assessments, exams and sporting fixtures of their child/children, so they never miss a deadline or important event.

  • Assessments & Homework

    Schools can upload all assessment tasks and exams for the term. They can also upload homework daily. At 5pm the phone receive automatic reminders of upcoming tasks, exam dates and homework due dates

  • Language Translator

    Comprehensive language translator is accessible to all parents and allows the user to customize the app to their preferred language. This means also parents can be engaged by Schoolwiki, regardless of their language.

  • School Events

    All school events can be listed by the entire school, year group and individual classes. The app lists events in day-by-day format and month-by-month. All events can be synced to the phones calendar.

  • Sport Fixtures

    Schools can upload all sport details for all teams, including date, time, opposition and venue of games. All fixture can be synced to the phones calendar.

  • Password Protected Content

    School administrators can now password-protect any content category as they require. This is great for adding a dedicated staff content category, or for any content that is only relevant to the schools staff.

  • Free Training and Support

    Every school receives an initial training session and ongoing support for free.

  • Absentee Note or Change Details eForm

    Embedded absentee or sick note eForm enabling parents  to submit details of absence back to the school. Additionally, parents can report any changes in contact details to the school via Schoolwiki.

  • Set Up Guides

    Set up guides are imbedded in the app to assist students/parents in the set up.

  • Online Web Version

    Parents without a smartdevice can sign up online and receive all the notifications and alerts that other parents receive via their laptop or desktop device.

  • Social Media Integration

    SchoolWiki can integrate with your current school Facebook or Twitter page so anything posted on there will appear in the app.

  • Customised apps

    1) SchoolWiki app - shared by multiple schools OR

    2) Custom app - professionally designed just for your school

    Custom apps are professionally designed in your school colours, with your school logo. Individual care is taken to match your existing school branding.