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Many mobile communication applications today do not provide specific information with regards to notifications and parents are expected, wrongly, to troll through lots of information to find what is relevant to them (or their children).

SchoolWiki has addressed this gap in the market by developing new educational software applications that are capable of “push” communicating highly personalised information to parents about their specific child in the school environment. SchoolWiki believes that it is the highly personalised nature of its software that sets it apart from a marketplace that is crowded with generic educational applications and offerings based primarily on “pull” technology.

Benefits to Schools, Parents and Students

 Schools                                                      Parents                                                 Students                                    
 Better engagement with school community      Always aware of what is happening at school     Improved Organisation 
 Earliest notice of assignments, exams  Know when to assist children Reminders for all tasks
 Earliest notice of school events  Know what their children are required to do Automatic updates of changes
 Best possible outcomes from students  Understand how they can be involved Improved outcomes
 More engaged parents  Are always update to date Increases engagement with school
 Improved school image due to outcomes  Automatically receive reminders for events Contemporary communication
 Instant notifications to parents on important matters  Can access information quickly and easily  


                                                                                                         "Relevant Communication, Less Stress and Best Outcomes"