About Eduapps

Eduapps Pty Ltd (Eduapps) is a wholly owned Australian start-up business with a focus on educational software applications that support learning and encourage greater parental involvement in the child’s education experience.
Three decades of research has demonstrated that parent involvement significantly contributes, in a variety of ways, to improved student outcomes related to learning and school success. Although the importance of parental involvement has reached a new level of acceptance today as one of the factors that can improve learning outcomes, acceptance does not always translate into implementation, commitment, or creativity. Institutions, communities, and parents must cooperate and work collaboratively to improve the learning experience of all children.
In more recent times, one of the ways institutions and parents have sought to enhance collaboration has been through computer or information technology. Tablet devices and educational software applications have permeated the field of education at various levels. While the application of technology in the classroom has unquestionably enriched the educational experience, its impact in terms of soliciting the engagement of parents in the educational discourse is less well understood.
Eduapps has developed a new educational software application that is capable of “push” communicating, highly personalised information to parents about their specific child in the school environment. Eduapps believes that it is the highly personalised nature of its software that sets it apart from a marketplace that is crowded with generic educational applications and offerings based primarily on “pull” technology.
The other unique dimension of the Eduapps offering will be the way the application seeks to engage the adolescent student. During the last decade, research on adolescent brain development has shown that neural transformation takes place during the teen years and that during this period some noteworthy structures of the brain are affected which have been implicated in “Executive Function”—higher cognitive abilities such as alertness, attention, planning and working memory. This may explain why adolescent students find it difficult to keep track of their homework and plan and organize their studies. Educationally there is no doubt that the earlier students prepare and the better they plan their study tasks the better the educational outcomes. 
In 2014 Eduapps was endorsed by The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). ACER is the preeminent educational research body in the country and has identified the positive impact that these apps can have on both parent/student engagement and student outcomes. Being recommended by ACER gives the apps much credibility throughout the world of education.