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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I set up the app on my device?

For an Apple Device click on the link below:

Apple Set Up Guide

For an Android Device click on the link below:

Android Set Up Guide

Q. What is the process for uploading the data?

A. Only registered schools will have access to our secure portal. Schools can then upload events, assessment tasks, homework and sport events etc either en-mass through a bulk file or individually based on their preference. Following the instructions provided in the user guide it is a matter of simply populating an excel spreadsheet in the format required  and saving the file as a CSV. For schools who can extract this information from existing software into an excel file(and many can) this process is even simpler. This can be done term by term or at the beginning of each semester.

Schools may choose to upload each event one at a time in the Manage Events section of the website. This area also allows individual teachers to upload events/tasks for their own classes on a daily or regular basis.

Q. Can SchoolWiki integrate with our website?

A. Yes, if you wish we can take an RSS feed from your website, integrate with other functions and also your Facebook or Twitter feed.

Q. What information for parents can schools put into SchoolWiki?

A. Schools can share as much or as little information as they choose to make available. All school wide events as well specific events for individual classes can be shared with parents...examples may be excursions, sport, community events, assignments, band practice, schools discos, P & C meetings and parent/teacher meetings...the list is endless! Schools can also upload assessments tasks and homework as well as all sporting events with both time and location.

Additionally, there are functions for newletters, notes and policies.

Q. Can parents use the app to communicate with the school?

A. Yes, parents can use the Contact Us tab to email or call the school. They can also report a student absence or change of details through the appropriate function. These functions allow parents to digitally sign the form to ensure its authenticity. 

Q. Does SchoolWiki work on both Apple and Android devices?

A. Yes, SchoolWiki can be downloaded for both platforms via the Appstore and Google Play. .

Q. Can the SchoolWiki be used for several schools and numerous students?

A. Yes, it is totally flexible to each families educational requirements, there is no limit to the number of students or schools subscribers can access if they are in the community SchoolWiki app.

Q. What does the SchoolWiki app cost?

A. Please see our pricing page.

Q. What if dates change?

A. Simply update the date on the website, in less than 30 seconds an alert will be sent automatically to alert users to the change.

Q. Are there any child protection or privacy issues when using SchoolWiki?

A. There are two levels of security. First, no child identification, contact details or information is held within our system or the app. Secondly, the app has a secure code which schools can apply and give to parents to ensure only parents of their school can access the app . The only reason a name (typically a first name only) is entered into an individual parents phone is so that parents can distinguish between each child in their family. The information available pertains to school event dates and or calendar items and is usually available publicly through a website or in a newsletter.

Q. How do I Receive Messages and Notifications?


For an Apple product ensure your notifications are enabled. Go to Settings, Notifications, and scroll down to  SchoolWiki. Open this and ensure the notification centre is turned on - that you choose the alerts option under Alert Style and the Badge App Icon and Sound is on.

Once an alert goes off the main screen, it is stored under the notices tab within the app.


Alerts will automatically come into your phone. The SchoolWiki icon will appear in your home screen similar to other apps that send push notifications.

Q. How do I Download an App?

If you need assistance on how to download an app for an Apple phone please click below;  http://ipod.about.com/od/theappstore/ss/use_app_store.htm

If you need assistance on how to download an Android app please click below;